It’s a journey!

I am sharing this picture of my bedroom for a few reasons.First, thanks to my friend Kelly over at Silver Birch and Stone for making my vision a reality for the ‘be still’ wall hangings. Check her out, she does some remarkable stuff.Second, to tell you that living a simple life is a journey. It’s not a one size fits all lifestyle. It’s an ever changing mission in life that requires us to be mindful of our end goal. Peace. Simplicity. Joy.We started this journey a little over two years ago now. It started with my closet (which is still...

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Mindful Closet Series - Step 1

Capsule Closet Mindful Where to begin

Begin by clearing it out.  The first step is to pull anything that is stained, has holes, is worn out, has lost its shape, is not functional. Let it go!

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