It’s a journey!

I am sharing this picture of my bedroom for a few reasons.

First, thanks to my friend Kelly over at Silver Birch and Stone for making my vision a reality for the ‘be still’ wall hangings. Check her out, she does some remarkable stuff.

Second, to tell you that living a simple life is a journey. It’s not a one size fits all lifestyle. It’s an ever changing mission in life that requires us to be mindful of our end goal.

Peace. Simplicity. Joy.

We started this journey a little over two years ago now. It started with my closet (which is still a work in progress), and then moved to the playroom. We went through and sold or donated so much of the toys. Mr. Grey Bird was a little reluctant to join me in minimizing our life, but when he saw the change in the kids after decluttering the playroom he was 100% on board. It was amazing. Every single thing in the playroom suddenly became played with and had a spot in the kids lives. They were no longer overwhelmed with stuff.

Last year we decided to downsize our house and lifestyle. We moved almost a year ago today. We purged more and more in the process.

Here we are today. Not at the end of the journey, but reaching a big milestone. There isn’t much left to purge, because we no longer make purchases that aren’t geared toward the goal. We no longer fill our lives with stuff. Each and every purchase and piece in our bedroom now serves a purpose. It brings peace into our lives.

Our stuff doesn’t own us, we own our stuff 🖤

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