Mindful Closet Series - Step 1

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Mindful Closet Step 1

Step 1 in our series on owning a mindful closet.

Begin by clearing it out.  The first step is to pull anything that is stained, has holes, is worn out, has lost its shape, is not functional. Let it go! Have you done all of that?  Most likely you’ll come across pieces you forgot you had, have never been worn or that hold sentimental value.  If you start to feel overwhelmed by the idea of saying goodbye to everything all at once, relax.  It doesn’t have to be done in a day!  Take your time.  If there is an especially sentimental piece, upcycle it in a useful way or cut a small piece of the fabric for keeping in a small box.  Being mindful and minimal doesn’t mean you can’t keep a small box of sentimental items, just don’t let it control you.

If you haven’t worn it in 6 months or more, let it go.  If you are unsure of when you last wore it you can do the hanger trick.  Place the hanger backwards on the rack, if you reach for it and wear it then flip it in the same direction as the rest of the hangers.  If after 3-6 months you have some hangers that are turned backwards, go ahead and remove those pieces from your closet.

In the meantime, don’t fill your closet back up with any old piece. You most likely will need to fill in gaps but that leads us to step 2.  Stay tuned for more information on step 2, coming soon!

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